Hidden Sugar

Real Food Eating Guide
Use this guide to nourish yourself with real, whole foods so you can banish sugar cravings.
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Look for these ingredients in your packaged foods,

they are all names for sugar:

Agave nectar/syrup

Barley malt

Beet sugar/grape sugar

Brown rice syrup

Brown sugar

Cane juice crystals

Cane sugar/juice

Carob syrup

Confectioner’s sugar

Corn syrup/sugar

Corn sweetener/Corn syrup solids

High fructose corn syrup

Fructose/Crystalized fructose

Date sugar


Evaporated cane juice

Fruit juice/Fruit juice concentrate

Glucose/ Glucose solids

Golden sugar/syrup

Grape juice concentrate


Invert sugar

Lactose (milk sugar)



Maple syrup*


Raw sugar/sucanat

Sorghum syrup


Turbinado sugar

*These are more natural and healthy forms of sugar – great for when you’re baking at home

Angela Ross

Certified Nutrition Consultant

& Transformational Coach

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