Recommended Resources

You know the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”? Well along those same lines, I believe we need a variety of resources and a community of committed practitioners to keep ourselves healthy.

These are practitioners who have helped me that I very highly recommend:



Dr. Claire Graser - Naturopathic Doctor



Jennifer Moss, L.Ac.


Linda Gruber, L.Ac.


Community Acupuncture in SF:

                My favorite acupuncturist is David!

To find a community acupuncture clinic near you:


Skin Care


These ladies take a holistic approach to skin care and will have your skin looking brand new after just a few visits!



Thriving Life Wellness Center


Ricky Fishman,



Cinthia Dennis, NLP Practitioner


Devona Snook, MFT


Food & Supplements

Discount health supplies:

Angela Ross

Certified Nutrition Consultant

& Transformational Coach

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