Client Success Stories

"If you want to achieve a goal, Angela will help you reach it. She helped me achieve mine. She assessed my lifestyle and eating habits, then gave me specific tools and tricks that removed bad habits and revised my approach to food.  She also helped me overcome my emotional attachment to ideas that kept me from losing weight.  Most importantly, I feel confident everyday in the knowledge she gave me about how to integrate healthy food into my lifestyle -- so I never worry that I'll gain the weight back." - Celina in Brooklyn, NY

As someone who always jumped from one fad diet to the next with little or no results, I was ready to get serious about my health and weight loss. Through my work with Angela, I learned the science behind healthy eating and have since discovered how to provide my body with the proper fuel for living life to the fullest. In the past 12 weeks I completely changed my relationship with food, lost over 20 lbs (and counting!), and developed a sustainable lifestyle plan that makes me feel absolutely great. I can honestly say that working with Angela completely changed my life! I'm forever grateful for her guidance. -Leanne in San Francisco, CA

Since working with Angela, I have a whole new attitude towards food and nutrition, and thanks to her awesome coaching I’m finally free from the emotions that were causing me to overeat and snack late at night. Especially helpful for me was the way she provided scientific explanations for why some foods are better than others, reinforcing the lesson to choose real, whole foods whenever possible. Before working with Angela I tried many diet programs, none of which were sustainable or enjoyable for the long run, but now I truly understand what foods will keep me satisfied and help me manage my weight. What an awesome experience! –Bill, New York, NY

"Working with Angela did not feel like "work" at all. Her approach to overall health is multi-dimensional and encompasses not only the physical aspects, but also the mental and emotional. I came into the experience with a huge fear of feeling deprived of foods that I enjoy and came out with a whole new excitement for a plethora of foods that I am now eating. The entire experience was positive and extremely enjoyable. I have an incredible new outlook on health and food and am optimistic that it will remain throughout my life." - Stephanie, Oakland, CA

"Working with Angela has been informative, therapeutic, & life changing. I reached out to her for nutrition advice for managing kidney stones. I never thought much or cared about nutrition, all I knew was that I didn't want to take medication for the rest of my life and I wanted a holistic approach. She knew automatically from my lab tests that we had to get to the "core" of the problem. In my journey we found I had two food intolerances which were causing me problems and I never knew. She taught me which foods to cut out, how to replace them, and which to add. She was always there with advice, motivation, and a yummy recipe. Today my lab results are all normal and I'm in the best health I have ever been, WITHOUT any medication!!  And did I mention I lost 33 lbs. in 5 months without dieting?! Thank You Angela, you have helped me to tune into my body and change my life for the better!" –Diane in Moodus, CT

"Working with Angela was an enlightening experience. With many resources at her disposal Angela answered my questions & put me on the road to taking better care of myself. I’ve tried many different diets but this is different. This isn’t a temporary change; it’s about changing my life. It’s not about eating as little as possible to lose weight. Angela taught me how to make better choices and helped me understand that a healthy me comes from eating the real food that my body, mind & soul require, not filling myself with the fake food the food industry is pushing. Angela will help you learn how to treat your body like the temple it is, how to eat only high quality food, how to avoid all the chemical additives that give so many people problems with allergies & sensitivities & chronic disease. Do it for yourself!" -Kathleen in El Cerrito, CA

 "Working with Angela was a real treat. Angela helped me take action to improve my eating habits. Thanks to her guidance, I was able to implement better food and more water into my busy schedule. I was able to accomplish all this without having to make abrupt changes to my daily schedule. Moreover, Angela became a friend in the process, which made things easier and extremely enjoyable. I highly recommend giving Angela the opportunity to work with you to help you achieve your goals." -Hiram in New York, NY

Angela is so fantastic to work with! On our very first call together, with her amazing coaching technique, I was able to identify what I want out of life, what has been holding me back, and how to break down the barriers in my way to finally achieve my dreams! Angela is clear, concise, inspiring, and truly listens to help her clients get the most out of their investment in her services. Her knowledge of holistic health and nutrition is incredibly vast and she is able to apply this knowledge to each individual situation in a way that delivers lasting results. –Cristin, Vancouver, Canada

Angela Ross

Certified Nutrition Consultant

& Transformational Coach

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