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Whole Body Balance offers nutrition coaching to help you achieve sustainable weight loss, balance hormones, and boost your energy. My approach uses real, whole foods and transformational coaching techniques to provide you with a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan that makes it easy and fun for you to look & feel your absolute best.

Do you believe there's a natural way to solve your health problem(s)?


Are you struggling to lose weight no matter what you do?


Is your energy level not what it used to be?


Are you confused by all the conflicting nutrition information out there?

Are you searching for a solution that is tailor made just for you?


If you answered "YES!" to any of the questions above, then you are in the right place! If you want to have the healthiest time of your life,

I invite you to learn more.

Success Story from Leanne in San Francisco, CA:

As someone who always jumped from one fad diet to the next with little or no results, I was ready to get serious about my health and weight loss. Through my work with Angela, I learned the science behind healthy eating and have since discovered how to provide my body with the proper fuel for living life to the fullest. In the past 12 weeks I completely changed my relationship with food, lost over 20 lbs (and counting!), and developed a sustainable lifestyle plan that makes me feel absolutely great. I can honestly say that working with Angela completely changed my life! I'm forever grateful for her guidance.


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Angela Ross

Certified Nutrition Consultant

& Transformational Coach

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